Eduberry: A complete ERP solution for schools, colleges and universities

Flawless management of an institute is the fundamental factor that assures fulfillment of set goals and quality outputs. It does become a challenge (well not a big one) for an educational institute to administer as well as incorporate a modular consistency among its diversified area of functions. We, at Uniworld Edusoft understand the difficulties that leads to mismanagement and disorder in the administration of these institutes, thus we founded a long term solution to this problem and so developed Eduberry, an educational ERP which is a complete solution for schools, colleges and universities.

Every educational institutes has its own administrative processes; you can’t expect a school to work like a college; they are different, their modules (may seem to be similar), but are distant from each other. Eduberry is comprehensive campus management software that works at every level whether it is a school, college or a bigger and wider unit called university.

As we all know (I presume we do) that any educational ERP like any other ERP system integrates all the modules or departments of the organization. That means it combines all the important aspects like admission, attendance, other academic factors like exams, time table, results, etc and consolidates the information, stores as well as maintains it.

Educational institutes are never and in fact had never been restricted to just teaching. There are other functions like admission, record maintenance, preparation of exam schedules, keeping an account of the fees, etc...... With its limited infrastructure schools, colleges and universities find it difficult to manage as well concentrate on their area of core competence i.e. teaching at the same time. Thus, to assist the educational institute at every level; be it administrative or academic, Campus management software called Eduberry was conceived.

Maintaining a detailed record of the personal information of the staff and students is the most hectic task for educational institutes especially for a university where there are number of colleges.... I have experienced this as I worked in school administrative wing, so I can very well relate with this problem faced by the admin head as well as by the teachers, who have to collect all the information from the students. However, educational ERP, unlike any other software creates and maintain a database that contains all the information.

With Eduberry, the manual work, which consumes hours and hours of an administrative employee, can be reduced. It will require them to make an entry in the database, rest the campus management software will do for them. The data can be retrieved anytime without much effort. The management heads and departmental heads can analyze the reports and data easily as it is shared with different departments, without any problems.

Apart from working as a storage device, Eduberry also take care of the fees and attendance. I am sure headmasters would agree with me that collecting fees is a tedious job, especially in a big organization like university. The person in charge of collecting fees has to keep a record of defaulters as well. Educational ERP assists the accountant to keep a track of the fees with its customized solutions.

Besides, campus management software like Eduberry also avoids redundancy. When all the departments are inter-linked, the data entered can be scrutinized and any repeated entry can be avoided. You never have same address or phone for two different people, as the data entered by the teachers will be checked on by the administrative staff.

These benefits are just the tip of an iceberg; unless not adopted and used its benefits can never be evaluated.

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Eduberry has made it easy for us to upload the assignments and projects for the students. We don’t need to keep reminding the students for this. The entire staff is finding this a hassle free job and I get more to collect some extra and good material for the students.
Himanshu Vadiya, Dean
UWSB Ahmedabad