Eduberry: Effective tool for proper education delivery

Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. We can’t even imagine staying without any modern gadgets or invention for a single day. It has entered in every walk of our lives; whether it is in the form of spacecrafts which made brought a revolution in the field of communication or in the form of washing machines which helps a housewife in her daily chores.......

Technological progress has brought about reformation in the field of education....... It sounds strange; however, it is true..... Educational ERP is the result of this advancement. It helps the educational institution to deliver maximum outputs in academics as well as helps in smooth management of all the activities.

IT team in Uniworld edusoft Pvt Ltd has developed Eduberry – an educational ERP with distinctive features which help the schools or colleges to concentrate on the area of their core competence i.e. Delivery of knowledge......

Unlike the earlier years, today activities in educational institutes have not been restricted only to education....... They have to handle a variety of activities like placements, admissions, fees management, looking after internal operations, etc...... Eduberry is automated and centralized software which embraces all the departments or modules of the schools or colleges ensuring a smooth administration. It stores, creates and manages a database that contains all the information of students as well as the staff members.

There is a disparity in the students-teacher ratio in a majority of Indian schools. It becomes very difficult for a teacher to keep a track of every student and his/her strengths as well as weakness; also work in the direction of improving the quality of education...... Apart from this, the faculties also have to make a detailed database of a variety of information ranging from the students’ birthdates to their medical history and from their conduct/behavior to their monthly progress report.......

This tedious task consumes a lot of time and energy of the teachers, as they have to be very precise and alert in creating this database to avoid confusion and redundancy; moreover, they have to store this data carefully..... This leaves the teachers with less energy and time, to give full attention in their actual job i.e. teaching........

Eduberry helps the teachers by creating, maintaining and storing database containing important information....... Therefore they can concentrate on making their pedagogy more appealing and interesting.....

Learning Management system (LMS) is an inbuilt feature of Eduberry....... With the help of this feature the teachers can upload useful links and web resources for the students....... The students can refer these links to complete their assignments, projects or even daily homework....... It can also encourage the students to learn something new apart from their routine studies....... Thus, it assists the teachers to divert their time and resources for the better and effective delivery of education.

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Eduberry has made it easy for us to upload the assignments and projects for the students. We don’t need to keep reminding the students for this. The entire staff is finding this a hassle free job and I get more to collect some extra and good material for the students.
Himanshu Vadiya, Dean
UWSB Ahmedabad