Eduberry: A complete ERP solution for schools, colleges and universities

Administration or management of any organization is not an easy job... You need excellent managerial skills, sharp intelligence and good communication skills to coordinate human resources. As it is said “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”; it needless to say that to meet the increasing requirements and challenges in administration an ERP system was invented and implemented in large scale corporations.

Since its invention to its implementation, it has pass through different phases; from being a luxury of large scale companies to becoming a prerequisite in the educational institutes. That’s true, ERP has manifested itself into Educational ERP and is developed to suit the requirements of an educational institutes.

ERP systems are basically designed for smooth administration of an organization..... Educational institutes have to carry out hundreds of activities to assure that the administration is hassle free and less chaotic. ERP is a computerized system that consolidated all the resources of the institute and coordinates various departments, so that the management of the institute becomes efficient.

There are a variety of modules in the ERP that helps the admin head of any educational institute whether it is a school, a college or a university which thousands of students. As mentioned in the above paragraph, Educational ERP integrates all the departments and resources, so every head of department and other staff members can coordinate with each other and share the required data over a network. Thus it causes less confusion.

Let me elaborate this..... Usually any requisition is listed and passed on to the accounts department, which is later handed over to the admin for review, approval and documentation of the new material. Suppose there is no coordination between any of the department, the information is not communicated properly or the list is misplaced by any of the staff member; the purchase of the required items can become delayed. However, with Educational ERP, the requisition is shared to all the concerned departments within no time.

There are no chances of miscommunication or misplacing things...... It gets stored in the ERP system. Moreover, the intricate task of creating, maintaining and storing the personal portfolios of students and staff members become less painful and complicated. With this system, the admin staff has to enter the data and the rest is done by the system. It maintains a detailed database of students with all their records right from birth date to progress reports......

Now, you would feel so what if the Educational ERP creates a database, even a simple computer with any operating system and suitable software can do it. Well.....there is a difference between this usual software and educational ERP. Firstly, it is a centralized system so integrates all the departments and the flow of information becomes hassle free. Secondly, with other software the data is not categorized, thus it needs to be done manually, which again consumes time and energy of the concerned person.

Most importantly, the data is shared with all the modules, so the top management or the principal can review it and easily find the discrepancies. An ERP system supervises the administration work, with its automated features.

Educational ERP thus provides a customized and comprehensive solution to ensure smooth administration of any educational institutes.

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Eduberry has made it easy for us to upload the assignments and projects for the students. We don’t need to keep reminding the students for this. The entire staff is finding this a hassle free job and I get more to collect some extra and good material for the students.
Himanshu Vadiya, Dean
UWSB Ahmedabad