Eduberry Lite Modules

A perfect way to introduce an ERP system to your esteemed institution would be to start with the Eduberry Lite Plan. Eduberry Lite is an ERP Software developed to suit the needs of small to medium sized institutes.  This  Plan of Eduberry fulfills most of the basic and essential administrative automation requirements for your institute.
Modules covered in Eduberry Lite are:


Eduberry helps in recording and maintenance of academic information of students and staff, along with Class schedules, Academic calendar, Class attendance, Projects, Assignments, Grades, and Examination.

Class Schedule

Class schedule has been developed so that the student as well as the faculty is aware of the lectures plan for any particular day for a particular class. In class schedule you can see the previous and the upcoming schedule of a particular class. It makes the process of planning very easy and flow becomes very smooth.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar will keep you updated on the upcoming events and holiday in the institute throughout the year.

Class Attendance

Maintaining attendance of the students is sometimes very hectic, you may even miss out on some, but with the help of Eduberry’s attendance module this task has also become hassle free. You can view the attendance of any student and keep a record of it in just one place. Instead of maintaining registers, you can maintain the attendance record of all the students right from the beginning till the end.


This section has been developed to make the work easier for both the faculty and the student. Here the faculty can allocate the topics of projects to the student groups or individual students and upon completion students can submit their projects online. The result of the project can also be seen online in the same section thus providing a complete overview.


Faculties give their students assignments on regular basis. This section allows the student as well as the faculty to maintain the record of the assignments submitted. Students can submit their assignments and the faculty can view their submissions in this section. After submission the faculty can correct them and display the result in the assignment result section.


Faculties can create Exams for the students and put in all the details of the exams. In this section itself students Exams Result will also be displayed.


Communicate with friends, colleagues and staff through sms, chat, mail, etc. This module includes Email, Notes, Real Time Chat, Messages, Notices, News, Campus News etc. Various modes of communication can be used based on requirement and effectiveness. Notices can be sent to selected groups and across campus on a role based setting to avoid delay in communication.


You can send messages to your friends, faculties, etc those who are included in your friends group.


Faculty can send notices to the students or the campus people with the help of this feature and students can go in the notice Board section and read the important notices for them.

Campus News

All campus news can be viewed in this section. Faculty can upload anything new about the campus in this section and students can updates to it.


My Records

This module allows the user to view his records. Students, faculties, staff members, everyone and anyone can maintain record at one place without any hassle or fear of loosing the data.

My Profile

This will contain all your personal information and you can update it whenever you want. You have options of privacy settings for restricting information view based on custom groups.

My Academic Record

Here you can maintain your academic records.

My Attendance Record

Here you can maintain and keep a track of your attendance record.

My Notes

Here you can upload and also create your own notes for your further reference.

My Fees Record

Here you can maintain and keep a record of your fees. The fees you have paid and the fees left to be paid.

My Institute

In this module all the information of the institute including the choice of Programs offered, information on various faculties and professors can be given. All the available information on infrastructure of the institute including the number of classrooms and their details are shared through this section. Institutes can also share student information to all users through this section and restrict views to selected roles.


You will get all the details of the programs offered in the institute semester wise with the various specializations offered.


You will all the details about the classroom in this section.


View  list of students section wise along with their details

Academic Members

View  lists of all the academic members with their details.

Fee Management

A highly configurable fee management solution of related data for the analysis by authorized users. This module not only reduces the tedious task of manual fee administration but it is also  easy to learn and a value-addition that will boost the efficiency of any institution. Customized fee receipts, fee defaulters/excesses summary, fees collected etc . can be exported to the institutes accounting system.

Receive Fees

You will be able to keep a record of the students who have paid the fees and you can retrieve this data anytime.

Print Fee Receipts

Give you the facility to print the fees receipts so that you can give a copy to the students for records and keep one for your document records.

Fees Reminders

Has the facility to send fee reminders to the students as well as keep you updated on the same so that you know which students have not paid the fees.

Fees Reports

Gives you a complete detailed report of the fees collected, pending and excess in the account.


  • ERP Setup
  • Institute Setup
  • Program/ Course Setup
  • Batch Setup
  • Fees Setup
  • Faculty Setup
  • Class Schedule Setup
  • Examination Setup


  • OPAC Search
  • Acquisition
  • Technical Processing
  • Circulation
  • Weeding
  • Serial Control
  • Rules and Settings

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Eduberry has made it easy for us to upload the assignments and projects for the students. We don’t need to keep reminding the students for this. The entire staff is finding this a hassle free job and I get more to collect some extra and good material for the students.
Himanshu Vadiya, Dean
UWSB Ahmedabad