1. Why should we choose Eduberry ERP for our Institution?

Eduberry helps the institutions to minimize their time on staff and helping them to increases the efficiency, allowing them to use that time for some other important and relevant academic work and welfare of students as well as supporting the management.

2. How would Eduberry ERP be implemented in our Institution?

As soon as the we receive your order for purchase of product, our ERP team starts compiling the basic data required from the institution to initiate the work. Within 4 weeks the ERP developers team installs and deploys the solution in the campus. Immediately after the installation the ERP training team starts conducting the training session for the staff members or the administrative staff of each department respective to their modules.

3. How will we get support from Eduberry after installation is complete?

Eduberry ERP Team is available on all working days in office hours either online, or through emails. Any type of error or problem being faced in the ERP will be attended to immediately depending on the location of the institution.

4. Is this a ready to use product or the company will develop it for us?

Eduberry ERP is a ready to use ERP product. It can be purchased and installed along with the staff and admin training within 1 to 2 months. We do provide the clients with the facility to have added enhancements or customization in the present ERP as per their needs and requirements.

5. What will happen when the technology on which this solution is made gets outdated?

Eduberry team will upgrade the it with the latest technology for free.

6. If we don’t need the complete ERP can we select the modules we need ? And can we add more modules later in the same ERP?

Yes, you can select modules that you are find are relevant for your institute and can even later upgrade your ERP as per the needs of the institution.

7. How secure is the data of the institution in Eduberry ERP?

It is completely secure, and data access in Eduberry is controlled at user level and it is not possible to break the security.

8. What about staff training?

We provide regular staff training both during installation and upon client request we do train the new staff or re-train the entire staff so that they are able to use the ERP system correctly.

9. How long can we expect service support for Eduberry ERP?

It depends on how you have purchased Eduberry. If you have paid the License fee fro subscription then you pay monthly subscription and get support accordingly and if have paid a one time License fee then you give the AMC once and get free services through out the year. In the One time License Scheme there are no AMC charges for the first year.

10. Can the program work as per our desire?

Definitely. We do the customizations and satisfy the differing needs of the institutions.

11. Do you have separate Solutions for Colleges & Schools?

Yes, we do have separate solutions for colleges and schools as their requirement differ from each other.  

12. Can we manage multiple Colleges/Campus in a single ERP?

Based upon your subscription package, you can manage any number of colleges and offices, whether hundreds or thousands, from a single Eduberry portal.

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