Our Strength

Customer-Oriented Approach

UWES ultimate goal is to add value to your business. We match our processes to fit your preferences, so you feel comfortable and secure outsourcing work to an offshore team. This approach is called outsourcing because our management and developers are able to act as extensions of your existing organization instead of outsiders, helping to both lower costs and increase service.

Seamless Communication

We understand how passionate you are about your business, and we cultivate the same passion ourselves. Because of this shared view, we promise fast responses and make sure we're available through multiple communication channels.

Reasonable Cost

We pay above average salaries for top regional talent while offering you services at about half the rates of other competitors. Since our quality and speed is better than you'll find elsewhere, collaborating with us gives you a great return on your investment.

Best Practices

Over development projects delivered successfully have given us expertise in scalable software development, which in its turn gives you an extremely reliable end product, and predictable high quality.

Quick   Contact

Eduberry has made it easy for us to upload the assignments and projects for the students. We don’t need to keep reminding the students for this. The entire staff is finding this a hassle free job and I get more to collect some extra and good material for the students.
Himanshu Vadiya, Dean
UWSB Ahmedabad